Can Hemp Be ‘Hero’ For Jamaica’s Economy?


Jamaica recently celebrated Heritage Week and Heroes Day. The 53 year old island-nation has a longstanding struggling economy that needs some sort of ‘saving.’

Given that the country is taking steps toward a legalized Cannabis industry — with the recent decriminalization of small amounts of ‘ganja’ and is working towards establishing a Medical Marijuana framework — and given the enormous potential of Hemp — being able to be made into 25,000 products – can agricultural/industrial Hemp be a ‘Hero’ for Jamaica and its economy?

Highah Seekah’s “Free Up The Hemp” music video (with the #lyrics) sheds some light on Cannabis and the potentialities of Agricultural/industrial Hemp:

Here’s the music video without the lyrics:

For more information about Hemp visit

The Reggae-Valley Radio Team

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Reggae, Denver and Free Speech TV’s Marijuana Straight Talk


The Free Speech TV show Marijuana Straight Talk and its Artistic Say segment that features Highah Seekah’s “Free Up The Hemp” in the second pilot/episode [] — an episode which also features insights on how college students are rallying around Drug Policy change and a view into Medical Marijuana access for Veterans with PTSD in the changing Cannabis landscape — features “Steamers A Bubble” by Jazz On Dub Reggae songstress Jah9, in the show’s pilot 3.
We interviewed Jah9 back in February 2015

On the heels of the airing of the third pilot of Marijuana Straight Talk, in the city of Denver, home of Free Speech TV, Jah9 performed Friday night at Roxy Theatre, September 25, 2015.
You can watch the third episode of Marijuana Straight Talk at

The Reggae-Valley Radio Team